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Bi-Weekly Report of Data Driven Sourcing & Screening

Welcome to our 💥 first edition 💥 of Sourced by Landscape.

As part of the Landscape community, we will be providing you with early market signals & analysis through our data-driven platform, Compass.

We help investors navigate through the noise of sifting through millions of data points to help identify top-quality founders and companies relevant to their fund’s thesis.

With the widest array of alternative data sources, you’re able to broaden your coverage and spend more time with the right founders.

🔥 Hot this Week 🔥

Founders coming in and out of stealth 🥷🏽

We monitor founders going in and out of stealth or when they mention they’re working on “building something new.”

Find the latest founders who are going in stealth and recently publicly came out of stealth.

Fun Facts about Stealth Founders:

  • There are 19,524 stealth founders 🤯

  • ⬆️ 24% the number of stealth founders over the last 6 months

  • The avg. tenor is 1 yr before launching their product publicly


Founder: Sukone Hong

Stealth since April 2024

Geography: US

Background: 2x entrepreneur worked in a unisex fashion brand & braille smartwatch (acquired in 2023). He also operates an early-stage venture fund.


Founder: Simon Kohl

Stealth since July 2023 (may come out of stealth soon)

Geography: UK

Background: Simon is currently working on something in AI x Biology. He was previously Joint Team Lead at DeepMind and created an AI community of over 2000 members in Germany. He also received his PhD at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

Recently out of Stealth

Founder: Carlos Vanegas

Stealth since August 2023

Geography: US

Background: 2x founder after building a bootstrapped software start-up that was acquired in 2015. He led software teams at Bright Machines, which built core technology of robotic cells that automate the final electronic products.

Recent AI Companies Spotted 🔍

Get access to the earliest market visibility of when someone creates a business relevant to your fund’s investment thesis.

Find relevant founders or companies and start engaging with the right founders.

Founder: Gabe Naviasky

Founded: Apr. 2024

Geography: US

Description: Voice memos to CRM entries using AI

Founder’s Background: Sales-related functions from Head of Revenue at FitGrid to Commercial Operations Manager at Trustpilot. 5x Marathon Runner.

Founded: March 2024

Geography: US

Description: Enhanced digital experiences with a personalised AI companion

Founder’s Background: 1st-time founder with tech leadership roles as CTO at Nyman Turkish PC and VP of Product at Liftify. Additionally, worked in unicorn companies such as Google and Docusign as a global solutions partner and technical product expert.

Founder: Eric Wimmer

Founded: June 2023

Geography: France

Description: Revolutionising drug development with an automated synthesis robot based on flow chemistry and AI.

Background: Engineering background with PhD in flow chemistry.

Humanoid Robotics Competitor Analysis 🤖

Electric Atlas Humanoid Robot - Boston Dynamics

New Atlas Robot stuns the world in its reveal from Boston Dynamics with its ability to move and manoeuvre more fluently than ever before…and not to mention that it’s electric ⚡️

Wonder who else is building in the humanoid robotic sector? Our market mapper spits out relevant companies operating in that space in a matter of seconds.

Series C
Calgary, Canada

Kind Humanoid
Palo Alto, US

Beyond Imagination
Palo Alto, US

Series B
Sunnyvale, US

Seed Round
Austin, United States

Mantis Robotics
Pleasanton, US

US$6M Round
Lund, Sweden

Agility Robotics
Series B
Albany, US

Bordeaux, France

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